Is web marketing becoming bigger than traditional marketing
Is web marketing becoming bigger than traditional marketing

Is web marketing becoming bigger than traditional marketing?

Marketing is very crucial for any business. What is the use of owning a business if no one knows about it? So, this is where marketing steps in. It helps your business reach the people.

Marketing may be done using traditional means or web means. Sources of traditional marketing are TV commercials, billboards, magazine advertisement, radio advertisements, mail and more. Web marketing is generally done on the internet. Some forms of web marketing are content marketing, search engine optimization, emails, paid media, blogs and more.

Traditional Marketing versus Web Marketing

The upside of web marketing

  • While traditional marketing is capable of a wide reach within a local area.A newspaper may have awide audience in given geographical area whereas web marketing apart from the local audience can also reach aglobal


  • In traditional marketing, the communication is one way while in web marketing there is a two-way communication. Traditional marketing is mainly to inform like a TV commercial, but web marketing lets the customers communicate by means of feedbacks and reviews.


  • Traditional marketing is the costlier of the two. Although Digital marketing, in some cases requires some costs like a PPC or paid social media campaign, it proves to be cost effective most of the time. You can advertise free of cost through emails or a free Facebook page for your business.


  • To measure the effect of traditional marketing, a survey is required while many tools like Google Analytics can be used to take a deep insight, analyze and gauge the marketing strategies. Paid form of marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn have their own analytics tools which are helpful in targeting a niche audience.


  • Developing a brand is much easier in web marketing than by traditional means. The internet offersmany options like thewebsite, banner advertisements, blogs and more to build your brand while doing the same using different options like newspaper, TV or Radio advertisements have limited scope and frequency.


  • In traditional marketing, the users have no option but to see the advertisement while in web marketing a user may at times choose to see or not see an advertisement.


  • Web marketing is really a boon for small businesses as they can reach a wider audience within no time and with minimum investment. In contrast, traditional marketing is a costly affair.


  • Web marketing provides a much greater ROI then traditional forms.


  • Traditional marketing is the same for all, but web marketing provides for personalization of the advertisements according to the user’s taste.


The downside of web marketing

  • As traditional marketing has been around for a long time, people can easily comprehend and access it like buying a newspaper or magazine. On the other hand, web marketing can reach only that audience who have access to the internet.


  • There is immense competition in the online space which makes it difficult for the businesses to stand out. In traditional marketing, there is comparatively less competition.


Today’s age is the age of theInternet and smart phones. With more and more users increasing by the day, web marketing is really catching on. Also, the benefits of web marketing greatly outnumber those of traditional marketing. So, web marketing is here to stay.


By: Ashley Marsh, Senior- Content Writer at Maan Softwares Inc.  She has been with this company for past four years. She is specialized in the technical writing genre especially in mobile development, web design and latest technologies. According to her, it has been a great exposure for her as each day the technology is updating itself resulting in new ideas that keep her fresh daily.

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