This week in Accra Ghana we met Charlette Dezie, the Ivorian ICT geekette-blogger
This week in Accra Ghana we met Charlette Dezie, the Ivorian ICT geekette-blogger

This week in Accra Ghana we met Charlette Dezie, the Ivorian ICT geekette-blogger

This week in Accra Ghana we met Charlette Dezie, the Ivorian ICT geekette-blogger. She left Abidjan for some time for the MEST training program in Accra. Lire la version française ici.

For those who don’t know Charlette Désirée (CharletteDezie), she is one of the rising stars, girls who are interested in the theme of ICT and entrepreneurship issues in the digital sector.

Hello Charlette can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello Abou, I am N’Guessan Charlette, a young Ivorian woman passionate about technology. Ihave a purely scientific background, with a BAC + 2 in electronic system and computer science in addition to a license in network and software engineering. I am a geek, passionate about blogging, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Naturally I am an active member of several tech communities in Ivory Coast (Frogans community, Women & ICT, Women techmakers, open source community …) and alumni YALI Dakar.

What is your news today?

I am currently an entrepreneur in training at Meltwater Entrepreneurial School Technology (MEST) Accra, Ghana. At the same time, I manage activities related to my blog and my tech communities.

Tell us about the MEST program for which you left us in Abidjan for Accra?

MEST is an entrepreneur school with the goal of creating software companies by Africans and for Africa. The MEST program focuses on training in software development, business and communication.

MEST is 5 African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Ivory Coast) gathered to learn and propose viable solutions after 1 year of training. It’s also having a professional network to find financing for your start-up or to be incubated in one of Meltwater’s incubators.

What prompted you to become interested in the blogosphere and digital entrepreneurship and what do you gain?

This week in Accra Ghana we met Charlette Dezie, the Ivorian ICT geekette-blogger
This week in Accra Ghana we met Charlette Dezie, the Ivorian ICT geekette-blogger

My love for the digital world is an old story. Indeed, my passion for blogging is linked to that of technology and my desire to learn and share.

For entrepreneurship, it is more this desire to see change, to innovate and to contribute to the development of Africa. When you aspire for the best, you have to create this best. It is also this entrepreneurial spirit that makes people aware of the problems and find solutions.

We all know, to undertake is to say yes to ‘risk’ and to see the strength behind the word ‘failure’ while thinking ‘success’. An exciting adventure I would say.

I can only say thanks to God for guiding me and making people aware of the opportunities that digital offers us. Because today it is with great satisfaction through skills acquired in addition to a good professional network that thanks to the digital which allows me to face this new challenge of female entrepreneur digital in Africa.

What is your best memory as a geeky among the geeks?

I have so many better memories, it’s difficult for me to qualify the best of the best. One of my experiences that I find rather funny is the fact that people tend to give you status based on appearance.

It has happened to me more than once to be in the company of my friends geeks and to be confused with the one who accompanies the group not as computer scientist. It is always with pride that I reply ‘to the fact I am also computer scientist and we are not in April’.

Do you think that digital is good for young girls in Africa and why?

Yes I think so, because digital is the most profitable sector in terms of job creation and entrepreneurship. Do not stamp technology tools is a big handicap for us young graduates in company.

I would also say that Africa is evolving with the innovations that have been born in some African countries. Therefore, I invite the African youth, in particular young girls who are still a minority in this sector, to take an interest in the digital professions which is a factor of job creation and entrepreneurship.

 A last message to pass to the girls in the digital sector in Africa?

I think I said the point above. To conclude, it is up to everyone to become aware of the challenges and opportunities that digital offers us. Let’s be the change we want to see.

Like CharletteDezie, Raïssa Banhoro and others, Abidjan confirms its status as the African capital of Geek-techies and tech-entrepreneurs, henceforth African capital of web-influencers.

At the same time we take the opportunity to say good luck to Charlette Dezie and all our friends who are on the side of Accra for the MEST program.

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